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Not Just any Oil Tank Sweep Service

Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC offers NJDEP and Local File search upon request for your location!

Currently we are the Only company to offer these services in addition to the regular oil tank sweep


NJDEP Records Search

Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC performs a records search with the NJDEP in an effort to determine the environmental condition of the property in question. A Search is done through online databases to review the available documentation on file at the NJDEP. The NJDEP files any environmental records that are brought to them concerning the environmental condition of any property in the state of NJ. This record search could reveal that the property in question has an active NJDEP case number for contamination from a leaking underground storage tank. There are thousands of active cases for contamination from underground storage tanks in the State of New Jersey that have not yet undergone remediation. Most of these properties no longer have an underground oil tank. The tank was removed, contamination was found and reported (as required by law), and the owner never cleaned up the contamination . A few years later a buyer comes along and has an oil tank sweep to prevent acquiring the liability of a UST (underground storage tank) and nothing is found. The buyer is never aware of the present contamination, because the proper file search was never done! Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC knows what you as a consumer are looking for when purchasing an oil tank sweep. We know that holes exist in the traditional oil tank sweep and we decided to change that, request a NJDEP and City records search with your oil tank sweep. Get your oil tank sweep in NJ done by the professionals 201-230-0481


Local Records Search

Available upon request with every UST scan is a Local Records Search. The Local Records search is a a request to obtain available documentation pertaining to the environmental condition of the subject property on file at the local municipality (town/city). If a tank install or removal was done within a specific time period the local municipality will have record of this on file. Oil Tank Sweep NJ LLC has years of experience in reviewing municipal documents and uses key pieces of information to determine

→ Currently existing underground tanks

→ Historically documented Underground Oil Tanks

→ Reported Contamination from a Removed tank

→ Failed Inspections

To properly decipher this information from municipal documents requires a trained eye and years of experience. The existence of contamination is not clearly reported or documented on the municipal level. This is not a review that a homeowner or untrained professional should do on their own. Oil Tank Sweep NJ provides trained technicians to handle this matter for you.

Always Remember: No Underground Oil Tank does not mean No Contamination. Have your oil tank sweep in NJ done right by calling an expert now 201-230-0481

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